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Posters (proceedings)Seeking Topological GlassesMr Davide
Posters (proceedings)Glass transition in ultra-thin films measured by differential AC-Chip CalorimeterPr Schick
Posters (proceedings)Particle dynamics in dense suspensions flowing through microchannelsMr Somnath Ghosh
Posters (proceedings)Small space for small objectsPr Auriemma
Posters (proceedings)Nonlinear Rheology of Model Filled Elastomers – Interpretation with a glassy bridges modelDr Papon
Posters (proceedings)Adsorption Equilibrium Modeling of F-macromeric alcohols onto Porous SilicaMr Tonelli
Posters (proceedings)The inter and intra-molecular dynamics of polymethylphenylsiloxane under 1-D and 2-D confinementMr Kipnusu