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Posters (proceedings)Seeking Topological GlassesMr Davide
Talks (proceedings)Glass Transition Distribution in Miscible Polymer Blends: from Calorimetry to RheologyMr SHI
Posters (proceedings)Glass transition in ultra-thin films measured by differential AC-Chip CalorimeterPr Schick
Talks (proceedings)Competitive_effects_in_the_dynamics_of_polymer_nanocompositesDr Lyulin
Talks (proceedings)Mutiscale Simulations of Macromolecular Conformation and Dynamics in Polymer-Matrix NanocompositesPr Theodorou
Talks (proceedings)Mobility Near the Surface of Polymer GlassesPr Ediger
Posters (proceedings)Particle dynamics in dense suspensions flowing through microchannelsMr Somnath Ghosh
Posters (proceedings)Small space for small objectsPr Auriemma
Talks (proceedings)Filled rubbers and gradients of glass transition temperaturePr Lequeux
Talks (proceedings)Segmental dynamics of interfacial polymer chains in nanocomposite hydrogels: From the nanosecond to the millisecond time scaleDr Lorthioir
Talks (proceedings)Giant Slip at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces Using a Hydrophobic Ball BearingDr Pierre-Louis
Talks (proceedings)Colloidal PolycrystalsPr Cipelletti
Posters (proceedings)Nonlinear Rheology of Model Filled Elastomers – Interpretation with a glassy bridges modelDr Papon
Talks (proceedings)Sub-micron flows of polymer solutionsDr Cuenca
Posters (proceedings)Adsorption Equilibrium Modeling of F-macromeric alcohols onto Porous SilicaMr Tonelli
Talks (proceedings)Macromolecules constrained in lipid bilayers modify their structure and mechanical propertiesDr Baulin
Talks (proceedings)Chain Dynamics in Asymmetric Polymer Blends: Experimantal Facts, MD-simulations and a Theoretical Approach based on the GLE-Formalism Pr Colmenero
Posters (proceedings)The inter and intra-molecular dynamics of polymethylphenylsiloxane under 1-D and 2-D confinementMr Kipnusu
Talks (proceedings)YeXu_Vibrational Dynamics and Mechanical Behaviors of Disordered Colloidal PackingsDr Xu